The Adventure Guild opens Treetop Adventure with ISC SmartSnap Self-belay device.


Mountain Lake Treetop Adventures is an aerial ropes course built among a mixed hemlock, birch and oak forest. It consists of 3 separate, elevated courses for different ability levels and has over 30 elements that will challenge you to new heights.

Each course varies in terms of elevation and the strenuousness of the challenges. Elements include rope bridges, ladders, zip lines and more. We offer the latest and safest belay system from the UK. Once you go through the training, you are able to navigate the course self-guided.

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Zipstream Aerial Adventure has built a new High-ropes course at Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, using the ISC SmartSnap Self-belay device.

Chattanooga adds an “adventure above the rest” with a never-before-seen view of the Scenic City from the tree tops at Ruby Falls. This challenge is made up of suspended obstacle courses built in trees that include ladders, nets, walkways, bridges, tunnels and zip lines! In addition to the Orange, Green, and Blue Diamond Courses already at ZIPstream, the Tower ZIP Ride offers guests a zip line experience without the ropes course elements. That’s 700 feet of roundtrip zipping! The three-sided, 40-foot Climbing Tower is also new onsite, with five routes of varying difficulty.

Ruby Falls ZIPstream Aerial Adventure includes 30 highwire challenge elements including ladders, nets, walkways, bridges, tunnels, and zip lines all set into three distinct courses: Green and Blue Diamond for ages 11 and up, and an Orange Diamond for children ages 6-10.

Ruby Falls ZIPstream – Blue Course Point of View Cam

Ruby Falls ZIPstream – Green Course Point of View Cam

Don Stock from Zipstream Adventure in the USA tells us why he thinks the ISC SmartSnap belay system is so good


The SmartSnap™ device is used to prevent users from becoming unclipped from the line at any time. Accidental detachment from safety systems is particularly relevant at transfer points – where there is a high risk of the user being exposed to a fall. But engineering technology has the answer…

The SmartSnap™ has a simple Snaphook design which incorporates a clever key locking mechanism. Once locked in, the user cannot become detached from the line, unless released by the course Supervisor, using the ‘Supervisor’ key.

The main body of the SmartSnap™ is made from High Strength Aluminium. Stainless Steel wear inserts protect the body from contact with the wire– these inserts are easily replaceable. Extended trials on various courses around the world have shown that the SmartSnap™ can cope with extreme use. The ‘Wire’ and ‘Ring’ keys (which are fitted at each transfer point), are made from Solid Stainless Steel, so they are difficult to bend or break and can be left outside during the season.

The SmartSnap™ device is serviceable, and all main wear parts are replaceable. The device is suitable for use on 9– 13mm wire.

The SmartSnap™ is really simple to use and therefore doesn’t require in depth user training; it is lightweight and therefore is perfectly suitable for children to use; and it has been designed so that it is easy to retro-fit to an existing course.

The SmartSnap™ is a perfect product for Course owners who recognise the need to improve safety on their course without breaking the bank.

“We love the SmartSnap system because it embodies two critical values that are central to our operating ethos; it provides 100% tie-off security by disallowing unintentional disconnection from the belay system, while also retaining participant involvement in the transfer process. It’s an ingenious product and is the standard belay system we use for our ZIPStream® brand of aerial adventure parks “.

Don Stock
ZIPStream Aerial Adventures