CE Approval for RP029 Shear Reduction Pulley

RP029 Shear Reduction Block Pulley now CE approved

CCS are thrilled to announce that the popular RP029 Shear Reduction Pulley / Shear Reduction Block has gained CE Approval for use as Personal Protective Equipment..  This makes it the only CE Approved SRP/SRB on the market – that we know of.

This is the first and only all-stainless SRB to have been CE approved and this means that the buyer/user is guaranteed that the item meets/exceeds the requirements laid down in the PPE Directive.

Buyers/users should be aware that if an SRB is not CE marked then it may not meet the requirements of the PPE Directive. Any PPE that is not CE marked should not be sold within the EU for this reason.

The RP029 has a rated MBS of 44kN and is manufactured from SS303 throughout making it the strongest and most robust device on the market. In addition each item is individually serial marked for ease of traceability.

The top bobbin (attachment point) has been designed so that it is compatible with a 10mm long opening Maillon Rapide (GOZ10) which has an MBS of 50kN.
Note that this Maillon is also CE marked as PPE.

View the product at the Challenge Course Supplies website.