QUICKJump available via ACR

QUICKJump from Head Rush

We are delighted to announce that we have become an authorised distributor for Head Rush products in the UK and a stockist of the QUICKJump range of devices and accessories.

QUICKJump is a revolutionary product which is essentially an autobelay device that has been adapted to allow an initial rapid descent, giving the rider a true ‘free-fall’ experience. Accessories such as the Rip Cord can extend the free fall experience further to create a real adrenaline rush, whilst still maintaining the confidence of the tried and trusted magnetic braking system.

QUICKJump are simple to install; can accommodate a high throughput and are easy to maintain and can be used as a stand alone activity or as part of an overall adventure experience.

View the QUICKJump on the ACR website now.

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